Unofficial Tokiko Fan Club

In Liffey Company, we can find a female dancer of Japanese descent. Her presence on the stage will make the Japanese audience feel Irish dancing much more familiar...

Tokiko Sorcha Masuda was born in New York, on 5th October, 1978. Her Father is from Osaka, Japan, and her mother is from Achill Island, Ireland. Her sister, Mairead Haruka is also an Irish dancer and she has won the 6th place in the 1998 World Championship.

Tokiko began Irish dancing in 1983. She also trained in tap dancing and ballet. In 1995, she accomplished a splendid feat in the World Championship. She danced the leading part in a Dance Drama and the adjudicators were unanimous in their decision, so her team won the championship!

She succeeded in the audition for Riverdance in March 1998. After experiencing flying squad, she joined Liffey Company in August. And, she comes to Japan this year!

(This profile is based on the information from Mr. Hironori Masuda in Massachusetts.)